What Is the Role of the Teacher in the Classroom?

The role of the teacher is to instruct students, manage behavior, encourage student learning and assess progress. The teacher is the leader in the classroom and maintains responsibility for the students’ learning and safety throughout the school day.

The teacher sets the tone in the classroom. She is responsible for creating an environment that allows students to learn and grow. Teachers achieve this by setting up a stimulating, appealing classroom with procedures and routines.

Before students get to the classroom, the teacher needs lesson plans. These plans break down the steps for every lesson the teacher uses for instruction to ensure all learning objectives are met. Lesson plans also help the teacher stay organized while teaching. The lessons a teacher creates provide the framework for instructing students and giving them practice on the new skills they learn.

Classroom management is another key duty of a teacher. If student behavior is out of control, learning is a challenge. Student safety is also threatened when the kids don’t follow guidelines or misbehave. Teachers use behavior-management plans to encourage expected behaviors in the classroom.

Teachers also serve as role models for their students. A teacher encourages learning by showing that she is still learning. She encourages students to use creativity and use learning tools to expand knowledge.