What Is the Role of a Security Officer?

johnnyscriv/E+/Getty Images

The role of a security officer is to protect the location and people within a specific area. However, this position can sometimes require several other tasks. Typically, there are two forms of security officers, those who are armed and those who do not carry a weapon.

For most businesses and communities, a security officer is tasked with surveying and protecting a specific location. Security officers can be stationed at a specific location where they use video surveillance to monitor the property or be in vehicles traveling the property. Their goal is to monitor each person who enters the location and identify potential threats. These threats can be to people or property, which is why security officers are often armed.

The weapons security officers carry depend on the job description and training. For example, those with a small amount of training use pepper spray to subdue an intruder. The more experienced individuals can carry stun guns or firearms if they have the proper licenses. Many companies prohibit their security officers from carrying firearms and prefer them to use non-lethal methods for stopping and apprehending intruders. Depending on the company, the security guard needs to have some experience in hand-to-hand combat or prior military experience.