What Is the Role of a School Sports Coordinator?

Fuse/Fuse/Getty Images

The primary job of a school sports coordinator, also referred to as the athletic director, is to coordinate athletics and physical education programs throughout the school district. The school sports coordinator is responsible for implementing and enforcing athletic rules, abiding by the appropriate athletic organization’s standards, hiring and training coaches and physical education instructors, and ensuring that students are given an opportunity to play and compete in athletics.

The school sports coordinator is also involved in strategic planning that allocates appropriate funding for athletic programs, outlines the school athletic rules, determines competition strategies, and determines an evaluation system for athletes and coaches. The job may also involve developing professional development workshops and conferences for personnel of the athletic department, informational meetings for parents, and working as a liaison with community organizations, schools outside of the district, and state and national athletic agencies. During the summer months or prior to each athletic season, the school sports coordinator may also be responsible for recruiting athletes, preparing scholarship packages, and coordinating practice and game schedules for each sport in the district while also conducting inventory and inspection of athletic equipment, purchasing necessary supplies for the athletic fields and coordinating maintenance of the athletic facilities.