What Is the Role of a Production Department?

A production department’s role is to ensure the process of turning raw materials into products is performed efficiently and accurately. The department performs five functions to assist this process.

The first function is to establish standards in regard to the quality and the quantity of the products being made. Typically, these standards are placed throughout the process, not just at the beginning or end. The second function of the department is to work with the purchasing department to ensure enough materials are on the production line and to ensure replacement of any broken equipment. The purchasing department works with other departments to make sure purchased equipment and materials are all stocked and available.

The next function is to work with the design and technical department to ensure the product is built to the correct specifications and to place any new designs or changes to the product onto the line. Finally, the production department collaborates with the works department to ensure there is a proper workforce available to check the quality of the product and make any necessary repairs to any equipment that breaks.

The production department does not work directly with the marketing department. However, it remains in contact with marketing to ensure the products are attractive and desired by customers.