What Is the Role of an Operations Manager?

The role of an operations manager is to take responsibility for the production of goods or services at a company and to oversee all of the work performed in the production of those goods or services. Operations managers must be able to develop strategy and make important decisions within the operational facet of the company.

Operations managers work closely with supervisors and other leaders at their company in order to understand what the vision of the company is so that they can help reach that vision. They measure goals related to the operational performance in creating or generating the product or service, the quality of the product or service created, the speed of the operation, the flexibility and the cost of operations. The specific role of the operation manager will change slightly from company to company.

Operations managers will also work closely with the human resources department to ensure that the training for all employees matches the employment needs in the operations department. They are responsible for alerting human resources to the staffing needs of the operation warehouse or assembly line. The operations manager will also talk about the financing requirements with the accounting department and the design of the product or service with the marketing department.