What Is the Role of a Nurse?

Ariel Skelley/Blend Images/Getty Images

The role of a nurse is to give healthcare services to communities, families and individuals through communication, decision making, teaching and management of care services. However, the role of a nurse has expanded due to the changes, especially in technology, that have been experienced in the healthcare industry.

As a decision maker, the nurse uses critical thinking skills to come up with decisions. These are skills like assessing and identifying what the patient is suffering from, planning and executing interventions and, finally, evaluating the results.

As a communicator, a nurse uses communication techniques to assist in improving the healthcare environment, knowing that effective communication speeds up the process of healing. It is the responsibility of the nurse to communicate well with the patient as well as his or her colleagues.

As a manager of care, the nurse ensures that the care given to a patient is cohesive. He or she ensures that the goals of a patient are being met by directing and coordinating care services offered by professionals and non-professionals in the center.

As a teacher, the nurse assists the patients to understand the treatments, medications, their health and procedures. They also assist them to cope with any challenges that may arise during or after the treatment.