What Is the Role of a Site Manager?

The role of a site manager is to oversee the operations involved in a construction project on a daily basis. A site manager also works to ensure that the project gets completed safely and within the budget constraints.

Site managers are typically tied to the entire construction project, but they also can be in charge of a smaller team whose purpose is to tackle a specific aspect of the project. Before the construction begins, the site manager is tasked with assembling a team of architects, engineers, surveyors, safety officers and additional staff. A site manager must make sure that temporary offices and facilities are in place and ready to be used by the workers and team members.

Once the work on a construction project starts, a site manager monitors the progress and intervenes when problems crop up. He maintains contact with all team members and serves as a link between the various specialists within the team. A site manager is the focal point of communication between the client on one side and the members of the public on the other, and his role entails that he keep both sides apprised of the progress. Finally, a site manager assumes all responsibility for any accidents that occur during the course of the construction project.