What Is the Role of a Duty Manager?

Duty managers primarily handle an organization’s customer service, and they often meet with managers and executives. They also deal with security and management concerns. They are responsible for the overall maintenance and safety procedures in the workplace.

Duty managers ensure that employees provide excellent customer service at all times, and their role to make sure that customers are satisfied with the products or services the company offers, and they have to deal with customer complaints. They also supervise and assign the duty roster. Duty managers typically work in hotels, stores and fitness clubs.

In the hotel industry, duty managers greet the hotel’s VIP guests, check cleanliness of public areas, coordinate with departments to maintain proper front office functions and assist reception. Moreover, they manage staff levels in line with the requirements of the business. Other roles of a duty managers include delegating duties, motivating employees to maintain a positive work atmosphere, managing store organization and cleanliness, providing sales productivity reports to employees, helping store managers and implementing store policies.

Due to the nature of the job, duty managers require good skills in leadership, supervision, project management, customer service, public relations, communication, decision managing and conflict resolution. They need to be able to set goals for staff and lead from the front.