What Is the Role of a Deputy Manager?

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A deputy manager helps a general manager to organize company programs, projects and personnel.0 Also called assistant managers, deputy managers’ duties vary by profession, but every industry requires certain qualities from deputy managers.

The most important duty of a deputy manager is to assume the responsibilities of the general manager if she is absent. Due to the fact that the two positions’ duties are tied closely together, the deputy manager often seamlessly slips into the general manager’s role. Deputy managers also coordinate with the general manager to determine a company’s budget. Once the budget is approved, the deputy manager ensures that the money is distributed to specific departments. The budget responsibilities of the deputy manager are among his most important duties because the company must have a fiscally sound budget. The deputy manager also helps to hire and train employees. Deputy managers team up with human resources departments to hire the ideal candidates. Employee training comes in many forms, but choosing the best method falls upon the deputy manager’s shoulders. Additionally, the deputy manager receives progress reports from various company departments in order to create benchmark reports for the general manager and board members. In addition to filling in for the general manager, deputy managers also temporarily assume the duties of other positions within a company.