Are There Any Restrictions When Using a TGI Fridays Reward Card?

TGI Friday’s reward cards, also known as rewards certificates, do have restrictions. For example, using a certificate to purchase alcoholic beverages is not allowed, according to the restaurant’s website. Using a rewards certificate to purchase a TGI Friday’s gift card or to pay for tax or tip is also not permitted. Certificates expire 60 days after the issue date.

Using other coupons, discounts or promotions along with a rewards certificate is prohibited, according to TGI Friday’s website. Stolen, expired, and lost reward certificates are not replaceable, and the points used to request the certificate are not reimbursable. Each rewards certificate is redeemable once, and a rewards program member cannot receive cash back if the full amount of the certificate is not used. Only one rewards certificate is permitted per program member for each restaurant visit. Members are allowed to request two rewards certificates in a day, and up to three in one week.

Each reward certificate has a serial number and/or a bar code. Certificates without this information are not acceptable, according to TGI Friday’s website. Each certificate contains the requesting member’s name and is only redeemable by that member. Reward certificates are not eligible for resale and do not have cash value.