What Are Some ResCare Employee Benefits?

ResCare employee benefits include dental care, health insurance, life and vision insurance, supplemental life insurance, disability coverage, on-site health care, mental health care and insurance for accidental death and dismemberment. Additionally, ResCare offers insurance for retirees and has benefits in the areas of finance and resources and family services, according to Glassdoor.com. It also has paid vacation and sick days, holidays and provides employees with certain discounts and perks as of 2015.

ResCare offers comprehensive health care coverage for employees that includes personal and family insurance. It offers flexible payment policies for these plans, including a flexible savings account and a health savings account, notes Glassdoor.com. In addition to standard health, vision and dental service, employees can get additional insurance in the event they are injured on the job or permanently disabled.

ResCare also offers a financial package for employees. Benefits in this category include a 401(k), pension plan, retirement plan and equity incentive plan. Employees are also eligible for a performance bonus, stock options, stock purchase plan and charitable gift funding.

For parents and families, ResCare offers maternity and paternity leave and family medical leave. Employees can also have reduced or flexible hours for family care, fertility assistance and adoption assistance. This category entitles employees to paid extended leaves of absence, military leave and more.

In addition to paid vacation and sick days, employees enjoy company discounts, use of corporate vehicles, mobile phone discounts and more.