How Do You Request a Green Dot MoneyPak Refund?

To request a Green Dot MoneyPak refund, visit the official website, click the FAQ tab, and then select the How Can I Request a Refund? link under the About MoneyPak heading. The answer listed includes the refund request link, which requires the MoneyPak number on the original purchase receipt.

Green Dot MoneyPak sends a check for approved refunds within 7 to 10 business days of the request. Users requesting a refund can also check the status of their requests by clicking the What Is the Status of My Refund? link under the About MoneyPak header on the main FAQ page.

As of March 2015, MoneyPak service is no longer available for purchase, but the company has replaced this product with Green Dot Reload @ the Register. This replacement service allows customers to give the cashier cash for the reload plus the reload fee. Customers can then swipe the prepaid card to which they would like to add funds, and the card is loaded with the funds within 10 minutes of purchase.

Reload fees for this service run $3.74 at Walmart and $4.95 at other retail locations, including CVS Pharmacy, Dollar General, Kroger and Safeway. Due to the cash nature of these reload transactions and the security of customers having their cards in hand at the time of reloading, refunds aren’t available for Green Dot Reload @ the Register transactions.