What Is a Republic of Liberia 2000 Five-Dollar Coin Worth?

As of 2014, WS Coins gives the Republic of Liberia 2000 $5 coin a retail value of $7.96 in uncirculated condition with a certificate of authenticity. Prices on eBay range from about $9 to $18, as of 2014.

The Republic of Liberia 2000 $5 coin commemorates the WWII bombing of Pearl Harbor on the morning of Dec. 7, 1941. Sentimental and historical events typically add value for some collectors. The coin is made of copper-nickel.

Other $5 coins minted by the Republic of Liberia in the year 2000 include commemorations of the 27th Olympic games, the Year of the Dragon, the wildlife of North America and U.S. presidential seals for George Washington through William Jefferson Clinton.