How Do You Get Replacement Parts for Ikea Furniture?

Obtain replacement parts for Ikea furniture by visiting the Returns and Exchange desk at a local store with your receipt to discuss options or by emailing the company with the details of your purchase and the part you need, as of 2015. It is also possible to buy parts from third-party retailers, though Ikea does not endorse or support these entities.

If you purchase an item from an Ikea store and find that it is missing a component, such as a shelf or fixture, or if the item doesn’t contain the proper hardware, obtain replacements by visiting the store with your receipt and the product. Speak to a representative at the Returns and Exchanges counter, and explain your situation so she can check the current inventory for the proper replacements. In the case of damaged merchandise, it may be necessary to exchange the entire product rather than the part. If the store doesn’t have the parts, it may need to order them before making the exchange.

You may also submit a replacement request to the company via email or online form, including the receipt number, date of purchase and the article number for the product. Explain the exact part that needs replacing, along with its part number, and submit the request.

Though some third-party sites may sell replacement parts compatible with Ikea furniture, there is no official guarantee that the parts fit or offer the same functionality.