How Do You Replace a Lost Medicare Card?

Consumers can replace a lost Medicare card by submitting a request for a replacement card directly to Social Security Administration. This can be done online, by phone or at a local Social Security office.

Those who choose to request a replacement card online can use the official Social Security Administration’s website. The website is available at specific hours each day: 5:00 a.m. through 1:00 a.m. Monday through Friday, 5:00 a.m. through 11:00 p.m. Saturday and 8:00 a.m. through 10:00 p.m. Sunday.

The information required to obtain a replacement Medicare Card includes the exact amount of the last benefit payment the recipient received and the name that appears on the recipient’s Social Security card. A Social Security number, date of birth, contact information, the recipient’s date of birth and the maiden name of her mother may also be required for identification purposes.

Consumers who cannot request a replacement Medicare card online can call Social Security Administration directly at 1-800-772-1213. Representatives can also assist callers with locating the Social Security office nearest their location.

If a person receives Medicare benefits from a Medicare Advantage plan, he needs to contact his private insurer for a replacement card. If he retired from a railroad, call the United States Railroad Retirement Board to order a replacement card.

A replacement Medicare card is mailed to the recipient within 30 business days of the request. The card is mailed to the address on file with the Social Security Administration.