What Is the Rembrandt Lamp Company?

The Rembrandt Lamp Company began in 1816 in Baltimore, Maryland. It initially manufactured high-quality gas lamps that have become highly sought after and coveted collectible items over the years. Rembrandt was known for both floor and table gas lamps, which were commonly manufactured out of materials such as brass.

In the late 1970s, the company was sold to the Harris Marcus Group, and a transition was made from gas to electric lamps. Today, Rembrandt lamps still have a very distinct appearance and are often described as being heavier and sturdier than they appear with a very antique aesthetic that appeals to vintage lovers and collectors of historical objects.

The Harris Marcus Group, originally known for its upscale furnishings empire, currently still runs the business formerly known as Rembrandt. This company has been passed down the family line, and the current CEO is a member of the Marcus family who carries on the tradition of antique preservation.

The classic solid sturdiness of these lamps make them ideal for most decors. Many original Rembrandt lamps are worth hundreds of dollars, although collectors may have purchased them for much less, not being aware that they were actual antiques. Some have even been sold for thousands of dollars.