How Do You Reload a Wawa Gift Card?

Wawa gift cards can be reloaded either in store on online at the Wawa Rewards website. When reloading in store, any amount between $5 and $250 can be added, as of 2015. Online reloading must be done in $15 increments, and only $125 can be loaded at a time.

Wawa gift cards are prepaid cards redeemable for eligible purchases at any Wawa store. They are valued at $5 individually, but purchasers are also able to choose denominations up to $250 in a single purchase. Their maximum capacity is $500. When bought in store, acceptable forms of payment are cash, debit cards and major credit cards such as Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover. Purchasers cannot use debit cards that require a PIN number entry online or when ordering through the customer hotline.

Wawa gift cards can be used to pay for fuel at the gas pump by choosing the credit option after the card is inserted. Merchandise bought in store requires a PIN. Any merchandise purchased with the gift card can be returned for a refund issued directly to the gift card. The purchase of gift cards themselves are non-refundable.

To check the balance on a Wawa gift card, click the Check Your Balance link on the Wawa Rewards website. Employees can check the balance in store, and each receipt contains the remaining balance on the gift card. While Wawa gift cards never expire, those without a balance for 60 days or more are considered inactive.