How Do You Reload a Pricing Gun?

To reload a pricing gun, you need a new label roll and a pair of scissors. After cutting and trimming a section of labels, you feed the roll into the pricing gun and check that the labels print properly. The entire process takes approximately 10 minutes.

  1. Remove labels from the roll

    Pull a 10-inch strip from the label roll. Remove all of the labels from the strip so the paper shows. Cut the end with a pair of scissors to make the edge of the strip even.

  2. Place the label roll into the dispenser

    Open the dispenser, and remove the remaining part of the previous label roll. Replace the previous label roll with the new roll. Position the roll with the relaxed paper on top.

  3. Attach the backing paper

    Hold down the trigger of the pricing gun, and push the backing paper into the opening above the label roll until the paper pushes through the front of the pricing gun. Place the beginning portion of the paper under the plastic strip, and pull the trigger so more paper comes out. Push the paper into the slot near the bottom of the pricing gun, and pull the trigger to feed the paper into the pricing gun.

  4. Check that the labels print properly

    Pull the trigger on the pricing gun until the labels start to come out. Reload the label roll if errors occur when the labels print.