How Do You Register a MasterCard Gift Card?

The first step when registering a MasterCard gift card involves acquiring the card online or physically at a participating outlet, according to MasterCard. The next step is activating the card within the store of purchase or by phone. Once accepted, the cardholder can make payments using the card at any store that recognizes MasterCard.

Registration of the gift card is the process of making the account number associated with the card functional for withdrawals and deposits, notes Gift cards come with step-by-step guidelines for registration. These instructions can be on a label on the front of the card or printed on the card package. Successful registration of the card requires the holder to submit the MasterCard gift card account number and a card verification number. The account number is usually a series of 16 digits printed on the front of the card, while the card verification number is usually a triple-digit number on the back of the gift card.

The cardholder can use online or phone verification, states The card issuer usually places a link on the header or footer of the official website for online verification. This link takes the card holder to a page where he can insert the account number and card verification number for authentication. The phone option requires the card holder to call the company and submit the two pieces of information via an automated interactive voice response system.