How Do You Redeem Menards 11 Percent Rebate?

Redeem Menards rebates by entering the rebate numbers in a form acquired at a Menards store or on the Menards website, filling in the rest of the form and mailing it away. You can then track the status of your rebate through Rebates International.

To access the Menards rebate form online, navigate to the main page, and click on Rebate Center on the left side of the toolbar at the top of the page. Locate rebate numbers on receipts of eligible Menards products, and type in up to eight numbers on one rebate form. After reviewing the legal terms, click on “I Accept the Terms – View and Print Rebates.” The program then creates a downloadable rebate form. Finish filling out the rebate form before you print it, or print it out and fill it in, and mail in the completed form along with your original rebate receipts.

Once you have sent the rebate forms, processing time is six to eight weeks. You can track your rebate status through an online form at by entering the rebate receipt number along with your name, address and ZIP code. Rebate checks are credit checks usable at physical Menards stores only and not online.