How Do You View Your Recent Purchases on Amazon?

To view recent purchases on Amazon, log into your account, and access the Your Account page. On the Your Account page, click on the yellow Your Orders button to access your order history.

Navigate a Web browser to On the home page, click on the Your Account button located on the menu bar at the top of the page. After signing in with your email and password, click the Your Account button again. Click on the gold Your Orders button to pull up a list of recent orders. Click on the order to track a package, contact a seller, return or replace items, or file or view a claim related to the order.

Click on the Open Orders tab to show orders that are still processing and have not been delivered yet. Click on the digital orders tab to view orders for digital goods such as e-books, movies and music. Click the cancelled orders tab to view orders that you or the seller cancelled.

On the regular orders tab, use the date range drop-down option to filter orders to the last 30 days, past six months, the entire past year or the current year. To search for a specific item, enter the search query into the search form field at the top of the page, and then click the Search Orders button.