What Are the Reasons for an Internal Job Transfer?

An internal job transfer is a way for an employee to learn and develop new skills for future advancement in a career. Transferring also allows an employee to escape a boring job that doesn’t provide challenging work. Transferring to a new job is preferable to quitting.

Employees who have hit a ceiling in their advancement opportunities at a current job can opt for an internal job transfer to continue their career growth. When a promotion is not forthcoming, there may be another position that offers an employee a chance to take on new responsibilities. In addition to cultivating new job skills, transferring allows a devoted employee to continue contributing to an organization in a new capacity. For instance, an employee whose job is being eliminated may have the option of transferring. Sometimes transferring to another position comes with a better job title and increased pay, but an increase in salary is never guaranteed.

Job dissatisfaction is often a motivator for changing jobs within a firm. A transfer is one way to resolve an unhappy work environment for the employee, co-workers and management. Alternatively, an ambitious employee may use job transfers as a way of learning how each department operates. Job transfers can help an employee gain valuable knowledge about company operations, leading to career advancement.