What Is R-1C Zoning?

Zoning categories vary from municipality to municipality, so an R-1C zone in one city could have a different meaning in another city. R is usually residential or rural, C is for commercial, and A is commonly agricultural.

Jurisdiction typically uses letters as abbreviations to identify the type of use allowed in each area. Many times municipalities usually pair those letter codes with a number. The number may indicate the level of use for the property, the square footage allowed for that particular piece of property or the acreage for the property.

When municipalities zone property as residential, it means that the property is for residential use only. These laws typically allow for certain type of domestic animals, and they don’t normally permit the keeping of animals more rightly seen in an agricultural zone. If the owner of a residential property runs a home-based business, the owner may need to obtain a special permit from his local zoning department.

Commercially zoned properties are typically businesses, such as shopping centers, offices and hotels. Industrial zoning is usually for manufacturing plants and factories. Combination zoning is a combination of two different zoning areas that are adapting to the communities specific plan or design.