What Are Some Questions to Ask in a Skip-Level Meeting?

Thomas Barwick/Stone/Getty Images

Managers should ask open-ended questions at a skip-level meeting to encourage employees to share their ideas. These questions are always approached from a positive frame of mind. To start the meeting, ask what the group enjoys most about working for the company. After hearing responses, follow them up with a feedback inquiry. Ask what type of feedback is needed the most.

Workers often know a great deal about customers, so ask how the company can improve the customer experience. Management can also find out how well employees are coping with various tools and resources by asking what resources are the most useful in daily operations. Conversely, ask which tools don’t help them in completing work tasks. Additionally, find out why they feel the way they do. Tap into worker creativity by asking what resource tools they would invent if they had the opportunity.

Skip-level meetings provide upper management with the perfect opportunity to find out how employees really feel about team leaders. Ask about a supervisor’s best leadership qualities. Ask how the supervisor helps out individuals. Ask what workers would do if they were in a supervisory position. Find out why they would make the changes they suggest. End by asking what further questions they need answered.