What Is Quality Assurance in Nursing?

Quality assurance in nursing refers to the practice of protecting the safety and health of the public by regulating competencies and the quality of licensed nursing staff members. Quality assurance nurses are tasked with monitoring and enforcing licenses for nurses, nurse practitioners and nursing technicians.

In nursing, quality assurance also applies to maintaining consistent standards of practices among nursing staffs, providing opportunities for professional development and offering disciplinary actions when warranted.

Organizations and individuals tasked with quality assurance in nursing are responsible for developing procedures, policies and rules that promote quality health care for residents and patients while ensuring standards of practice are adhered to in medical facilities. Competency standards are also a primary task of quality assurance departments, and evaluations of state wide and federal practices are taken into consideration.

Quality assurance nurses are often responsible for investigating complaints against nurses, serving as members on review boards that determine the outcome of disciplinary cases and, if necessary, revoke, suspend or restrict nursing licenses or a nurse’s ability to practice.

Quality assurance personnel work closely with nurses in medical facilities to determine best practices for patient care, evaluate policies and procedures that improve patient care, and analyze consistency within nursing practices as they compare to other facilities and licensing standards.