What Are the Qualities of a School Prefect?

A good school prefect possesses sound morals, good interpersonal skills and organizational skills. A good prefect should also be mature, empathetic and patient. School prefects are required to supervise students, promote a healthy work ethic, and fulfill any other duty delegated by the school’s headmaster.

“Prefect” is a term used primarily in British schools to describe a selected pupil who has authorization to discipline fellow students. Students applying for the position of prefect must exhibit leadership qualities and a willingness to help others. They must be able to organize and delegate tasks, as well as possess excellent time management and administration skills. A portfolio of personal achievements is also helpful in garnering the prefect role.

School prefects should have high integrity, be capable of communicating honestly and effectively, and be prepared to discipline peers. Prefects must also be firm and fair in their role of authority. Good prefects must be responsible, reliable and have high personal standards as well as strong self-discipline, as they are required to oppose and stop bullying. They should also be able to handle conflict and should have an open, genuine relationship with members of staff. Overall, prefects are exemplary students who are good role models and assist in keeping order in the school.