What Are the Qualities of a Good Librarian?

Monashee Frantz/OJO Images/Getty Images

A good librarian combines a passion for books with interpersonal communication skills and computer literacy to run an effective library. In addition to a natural inclination to work in a media-driven environment, librarians need to be good readers to keep up on current library trends and materials.

Librarians use interpersonal and communication skills to interact with a variety of people. They interact with patrons of the library and must project a positive image. Librarians also interact with staff members and academic researchers working on publications.

Computer skills and technology savvy have become important, as technology has become more prominent in libraries. Librarians need to understand how computer search databases work and how to perform administrative tasks using computer programs. Innovative thinking is also important because of the need to offer tools and services that users want.

Good librarians also have excellent problem-solving abilities. They use these abilities to define research problems and to conduct or assist in finding resources. Librarians must also solve problems related to running a library that are efficient and effective within a community. Initiative is closely related in that they need to assert themselves when a library needs updating and resources need to be raised.