How Do You Qualify for Mary Kay’s Pink Cadillac?

To qualify for the pink Cadillac, a Mary Kay consultant must build a team and earn $18,000 in a four-month period. If the consultant is successful, she has the option of using the car or taking a cash equivalent.

One of the most distinguishing factors about Mary Kay consultants is the pink cars that some drive, especially the pink Cadillac. What many people do not realize, however, is that the vehicles are not given to the consultants. The cars are leases that Mary Kay pays for its qualifying consultants, provided the consultant continues to perform at a certain level.

To qualify for the Cadillac, a consultant has to reach the Grand Achiever level. At this level, a consultant has a team of at least 12 other consultants working under her, and combined, the team makes $18,000 in a four month period. This achievement qualifies the consultant to either choose the car or a cash prize. As long as her team continues to perform at a high level, she keeps the car, and Mary Kay continues to pay the lease. However, if the consultant’s team sales slip for a period of time, she may be required to give back the car.