What Are Some Qualifications for a General Manager?

A general manager, who is responsible for the successful day-to-day functioning of a business, should be well-educated and possess strong leadership and organizational skills. Most general managers have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, project management or human resource management.

General managers are essential to a company’s performance management, staffing, projects and other critical decision-making activities. This position requires a highly trained and qualified leader. General managers typically hold a degree in a business-related field, with some employers favoring MBAs. A rich experience in management and strong people skills are mandatory qualifications of a general manager.

Some core competencies of a general manager include strong business acumen, communication proficiency, problem-solving abilities and strategic thinking. These are particularly critical in formulating and administering company policies while directing and coordinating projects.

General managers need extensive knowledge about marketing strategies and should be able to design and develop business procedures calling for experience in dealing with people and projects including organizational and supervisory skills. They are expected to be dependable coaches for other employees while maintaining professionalism at work.

A general manager needs to be proficient in computer and software skills to make data-driven decisions. Statistical knowledge and superior training and presentation skills are needed to communicate successfully in written and verbal formats and to understand, create and analyze financial reports or budgets.