What Is the Purpose of Promotion?

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The purpose of promotion is to move ahead in the ranks, to gain more experience and to receive honor and benefits in an organization. When a person is promoted within a company, he receives recognition in the workplace for his accomplishments. Promotion is also used to ensure that a business maintains a diverse workforce and does not discriminate against its workers by limiting equal access to better positions.

According to the Code of Federal Regulations, every employee must be given proper consideration for a promotion. A person may receive a promotion by pursuing one, or a promotion may be a reward for outstanding work performance. When workers are promoted to higher positions, new hires fill lower positions. An organization may also need a person’s particular skills to obtain success in another department, so promotion becomes necessary for company advancement.

It is beneficial for employees to witness promotion in a business because it shows that moving ahead is a possibility and may motivate them to perform better. Promotion often leads to higher compensation and additional benefits that allow the employee to live a better lifestyle. Working in the same position for decades on end can be boring and may lead a person to despise his job; but promotion keeps work interesting.