What Is the Purpose of an Employee Recognition Program?

Employee recognition programs boost employee morale by communicating how valuable employees are to the company. Employees feel that management recognizes and appreciates them, and this often leads to increased productivity in the workplace. A good recognition program gives personalized praise to employees who excel in their positions, and it is important that this praise is authentic and meaningful. Employee recognition programs create stronger workforce teams, help employee recruitment efforts and improve a company’s reputation within and outside the company.

Employee recognition programs work best when companies implement them throughout the entire organization. Management and workers appreciate recognition for a job well done. Using powerful words to personally thank an employee is a low-cost way to invest in great workers who demonstrate commitment and loyalty. While many companies set up rewards programs for their employees, senior management shouldn’t confuse rewards with recognition. Rewards are more about giving away incentives in exchange for employees meeting performance goals. Recognition goes much deeper by focusing on the value an individual brings to the workplace on a daily basis. Companies can teach managers how to initiate and manage a recognition program, and also allow employees to nominate their fellow workers for special recognition. This type of program is an effective way to spark enthusiasm among disengaged workers and encourage them to put more effort into completing work tasks.