What is a public sector organization?


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A public sector organization is one that is operated by the government. This contrasts with private sector organizations, which are controlled by private entities. One example of a public sector organization is the public school system.

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Public sector organizations often provide services for citizens regardless of the person's ability to pay. For example, the public school system is open to all children, regardless of their parents' income. This makes the public schools very different from private schools, for which the child's parents must pay a fee.

In some cases, however, the user must pay a fee, even though the organization is in the public sector. A public transportation system is going to charge a fee to its riders, although the cost for running the system is usually offset by funding from the local government. Certain public sector entities are responsible for protecting the safety of local citizens. Fire departments and police departments both qualify as public sector organizations.

In some cases, public sector and private sector organizations work together for a common purpose. This happens when the government gives a contract to a private business to perform work on a specific project. Governments enter into these types of arrangements when building roads and bridges, for example.

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