What Is Protection Class for Homeowners Insurance?

Protection class for homeowners insurance is a number that indicates how vulnerable a home is to a fire. This number is calculated by determining local fire-fighting capabilities and rating fire districts. The higher the protection class, the higher the borrower’s insurance is likely to be.

Homes located close to a fire hydrant and a fire department are likely to have a better protection class than those located more than 1,000 feet from a fire hydrant or more than 3 miles from the closest fire department. Homeowners insurance providers also consider how well the community maintains fire hydrants and whether the hydrant supplies adequate water to fight a fire.

Additional factors that determine a home’s protection class include emergency dispatch systems, the community’s telephone network and the emergency numbers listed in the phone book. Homes located in areas with experienced and well-trained firefighters are more likely to receive a better protection class. A protection class can change if the city either doesn’t maintain fire-fighting equipment, or if it upgrades to better equipment.

People looking to buy a home in an area with a high protection class may have difficulty finding an insurance provider. Even if a buyer can find coverage, premiums are likely to be high.