How Do You Find a Property’s Lot Number?

Find a property’s lot number by visiting the website for the county in which the property exists and locating the property search tool, which may appear under a section for an assessor or tax board. Use the tool to find the property by its address, and then view its lot number. Alternately, you may need to contact the county directly or visit the appropriate city hall location to access lot number information.

Many cities track land on a county level, often through the office of the county assessor, wherein the department issues registration numbers for all land and keeps records of relevant information, such as owners, tax records and land size. Some county assessors offer residents an online tool for accessing property information that does not require any prior authorization or permission from the local government. These tools typically allow users to search for a property by its street address, with options to choose from matching properties and view the lot number as one of several fields in its individual listing.

If the websites for the county assessor or similar governing bodies do not have an online tool, residents should contact that department to inquire about the property search process. In some cases, residents may need to contact city hall for the city in which the property exists to find out the details of the appropriate body. Some locations may require residents to visit an office to fill out a paper requisition form or search through physical records to find the lot number.