What Is the Proper Way to Walk With Scissors?

Mike Sonnenberg/E+/Getty Images

When walking with scissors, it is important to keep the pointed side down. According to Parents.com, stressing scissor safety is important, and many children should be discouraged from walking with scissors in their hands.

It is important to carry scissors with the pointed side down when walking to prevent impaling yourself or others if you trip or fall. If the scissors drop, they are more likely to stick into the ground instead of bouncing. If you are carrying the scissors and fall, you are less likely to be stabbed by the scissors or to fall onto the blade. The blade should always be closed when you carry scissors, as this prevents scissors from snipping or cutting as they close.

Children should be advised not to walk or run with scissors unless there is no other option. When doing so, they should always carry the scissors by the blade with a parent’s fist surrounding it. The blade should be pointing toward the ground when this is done. The handle can be exposed because of its rounded plastic shape. Always keep scissors tight to the side when walking with them because it prevents accidents from taking place if you or a child falls while carrying the scissors.