How Do You Get Proof You Haven’t Filed Your Income Taxes?

A taxpayer who needs proof that he has not filed for a particular year must fill out IRS Form 4506-T, a Request for Transcript of Tax Return, with his personal and contact information. In response, the IRS sends a verification of non-filing letter, explains the organization’s website. This letter is an official document that confirms the individual did not file a tax return that year.

The verification of non-filing letter is not proof that the taxpayer does not owe taxes, nor does it absolve him from failing to file an income tax return when obligated, warns the IRS. Verification letters for the current year are not available until after June 15. The IRS processes most requests within 10 days.

To avoid problems obtaining the letter, complete the Form 4506-T accurately and neatly, advises CIS. Start again with a new form if errors are made rather than crossing out the mistakes or using white-out. The most common reason for the IRS to reject a form is due to discrepancies between information on the form and information in its records, such as a change of address. If the IRS rejects the form repeatedly, contact the organization by phone to determine what is causing the problem, suggests CIS.