How Do You Get a Promo Code for the Niagara Airbus?

Obtain a promotional code for the Niagara Airbus service by checking on the Sales section of its website,, or by checking its various social media accounts for seasonal discounts and promotions, as of 2016. The company also commonly offers discounts for customers traveling to and from conferences within the area, which often appear on the websites of the event organizers.

Niagara Airbus operates a shuttle service between the Buffalo Airport, Toronto International Airport, the Niagara region and some surrounding areas. It typically sets rates according to the origin and destination locations. The company features a Sales page on its site that includes details about all of its current promotions, which may include special promotional discount codes on service for qualifying customers. It also has several social media accounts that may publish details about promotions, including promotional codes that customers can use to obtain discounts.

As the company’s service area commonly includes conferences, trade shows and similar events within both the U.S. and Canadian sections of the Niagara Falls area, it maintains a division that allows event organizers to book group and discount rates to offer to its attendees. These rates are commonly available through the website of the organization hosting the event, sometimes through a special Niagara Airbus section or a general transportation section, with the promo code appearing directly on the page. These codes are typically only available for participants of the event and are only valid during the dates of the event.