What Products Does the Meijer Store Carry?

Meijer, which is pronounced “Meyer,” is a hypermarket chain with locations in the Midwest United States. Averaging over 200,000 square feet, Meijer stores sell a range of items including footwear and apparel, health and beauty products, sports goods, office supplies, and electronics in addition to groceries.

Other products sold at Meijer include hardware and automotive items, baby products, garden and other outdoor goods, kitchen items and appliances. The company also sells gift cards, travel items, storage supplies, pet care products and home decor. The company also provides a number of services, including credit cards, photo processing and printing, optical care and pharmacy care. The retailer’s grocery selection includes fresh foods such produce, meat and seafood, dairy products, deli items, and baking. Meijer stores also sell chocolate, candy, and other snacks along with pantry items, frozen goods, cereals and other breakfast items, international foods and beverages.

In addition to brand name products, Meijer also sells various items under its own banner, including Meijer Gold, Organics, Naturals, Ecowise and Elements, which compete with national brands by providing similar quality at lower prices. The company also makes many of its products available online, though prices and selection vary with those of goods sold in stores.