What Products Does General Electric Make?

General Electric produces a wide range of products for homes, businesses and government, including small and large appliances, lighting, aircraft engines, software, and products for many types of industries and power-generation technologies. General Electric’s website lists 26 categories of products and hundreds of individual types of products.

General Electric makes business and consumer appliances for the kitchen, clothes washers and dryers and water heaters. The company manufactures housewares, health care equipment, geospatial systems, dozens of types of industrial equipment, and lighting for businesses and homes.

General Electric is a major military contractor and produces military and marine engines, diesel engines, commercial engines and aviation engines and systems. The corporation designs and manufactures small, medium and large power plants, AC/DC power supplies, and paralleling switchgear and static transfer switches. GE produces motors, meters, generators and controls. In the category of power and water, GE makes water treatment systems, gas engines, gas turbines, and nuclear, solar and wind power products.

The company’s website has a long list of high-technology power conversion products, including power motors, induction motors, high-speed motors, electronic controllers and hydro generators. GE also makes locomotives, and railway signaling, control and communication equipment. GE produces software for several industries, including railroad, health care, manufacturing, mining and power generation and distribution.