What Is a Process Oriented Layout?

A process-oriented layout is a method manufacturing corporations use to organize their work stations based on the activities being performed at each station and not the specific product being worked on. This is one of the standard methods of separating and distinguishing work stations within a single manufacturing workshop.

Many companies in manufacturing industries separate their work stations to increase the efficiency and organization of their workplace. They choose from a variety of methods to make their facilities as productive as possible. Companies that follow the process-oriented layout methodology select locations for each work station based upon what the employees do at that station and not what product they are working on. For example, in a garment factory with the process layout system, all of the sewing may be done in a single area, regardless of what garment is being sewn.

This method is particularly helpful for companies that manufacture on a large scale. Because all of the activities are concentrated, if one machine breaks down, it will not be as likely to halt the production of an entire product line. The workload of one machine can be transferred onto its neighboring machines, according to My PR Genie. Specialized labor can be transferred in this way as well.