What Are Preliminaries in Construction?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

In construction, preliminaries present the general details of a project as well as going into the specifics that should be known, like what will be required to execute the project and what conditions are relevant. Preliminaries can be used to describe very important aspects about the planning and execution of a project.

For instance, a preliminary may include the financials of a construction project, outlying necessary details about subcontracting and getting approvals for things like building permits or equipment leases. Preliminaries may also be used to give important details about testing measures and the goals for completion.

Preliminaries are very important because they outline numerous different aspects of this kind of information. Contractors and planners need to know all the important details before commencing a serious construction project, and preliminaries serve this exact purpose. The term “preliminary” is actually very similar to a work order, although those might be more specific. Preliminaries, in general, tend to outline numerous details concerning a construction project that is nearing the end of its planning stages. It lays all the information out for finance and contractors to analyze, finalize and have a detailed record of how the construction project is to be executed and what the goals are for reaching completion, such as a specified date and/or budget.