What Is a PR Practitioner?

Jayesh/Digital Vision Vectors/Getty Images

A PR practitioner is someone who creates, manages and maintains relationships with the public that a business serves. A PR practitioner works in the field of public relations and does everything for a company that will keep them in a good light with the public and with private entities that could be beneficial to the company.

A public relations practitioner is the person who is responsible for the daily handling of the business’s image. The practitioner will do everything for the company including ideas about advertising campaigns, fundraising events, press releases, news letters and lobbying governmental entities. The PR practitioner acts as the face of the company and will often be the person who is in charge of handling controversial situations with the press and other news sources.

Public relations plays a large part in the way that many companies function. The public relations department of larger companies is the reason that many of them are successful and are able to stand up to an image that the practitioner has created for them. All companies should consider having a PR practitioner on their staff to help keep their image in a positive light and to help keep them present as a competitive force among the competition.