What Is Polycentric Orientation?

Polycentric orientation is the practice of decentralizing marketing, research and development of a multinational company to the local market of a country where its products are being sold, according to BizShifts. In this model, a regional manager is employed to market products with awareness to the nuances of the culture instead of attempting to translate a general approach used universally.

In addition to marketing, the polycentric attitude is also used by managers when hiring and training employees, and it gives the company an advantage by winning shares in the market that align with local products and increased support from the host governments. Specifically, companies using this approach conduct extensive research into the market demands of the country where they are operating and the culture of that country dictates the decisions made in regards to the products and marketing plan for those products.

Some companies that employ the polycentric orientation model are the Ford Motor Company, Toyota, General Motors and Nissan Motor Company. These companies adapt their products to the specific needs of a country’s consumers, as stated by Eleedan. This approach often yields innovative results not only for the specific country’s market, but for the company as a whole as it brings together people of different mindsets and experience.