What Are Some Places That Cash Personal Checks?

Places that cash personal checks include banks, check-cashing businesses, convenience stores and supermarket chains. The ideal place is either the bank of the recipient or the bank of the person who wrote the check (the bank where the money comes from). There will most likely be no fees charged if check recipients go to their own banks, but fees are likelier at the bank of the check writer.

Possible fees aside, if a recipient goes to the bank listed on the check, it is more likely that the entire amount can be immediately available. This is because the bank has a direct connection to the account from which the money is withdrawn. If the bank charges a fee, it may try to get the recipient to open an account there in order to bypass the charge. When recipients go to their own banks, they may only have immediate access to part of the funds and may need to wait several days for the rest.

Check-cashing stores often charge fees that are a percentage of the check, and some may charge a fee in addition to a flat rate. Many big-name retailers offer check cashing, and their fees are usually lower than those at check-cashing stores.