What Are Some Places That Accept Donations of Used Church Furniture?

Churches seeking to donate used church furniture can contact faith-based charities and organizations by using a directory compiled by Donationtown.org. Some of these charities might have a use for donated furniture. Used Church Furniture is a website that allows churches to list free church furniture online. All arrangements for giving away the furniture is up to the private parties involved in the transaction. International charity organizations sometimes accept used church furniture to help churches in needy countries.

New churches are often on the lookout for a great deal on church furniture and a church that no longer needs its old church pews, chairs or pulpit can give it away to these churches. Churches that recently suffered damage due to flooding, fire or other cause might appreciate free furniture, if only for temporary use. Churches interested in listing free furniture at Used Church Furniture can sign its guestbook and submit church contact information. The typical listing includes the name of the church, short item description, photo and church contact.

Churches can contact charities such as Food For The Poor and inquire about donating used church furniture for its international efforts. This organization provides charity services in numerous countries located in the Caribbean and Latin America. If there are no takers for donated furniture, churches should consider selling it to homeowners or event planners.