What Is the Phone Number for the Human Resources Department of 88sears?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Mar 26, 2020 3:13:40 PM ET

The phone number for 88Sears' human resources department is 1-888-887-3277 (1-888-88SEARS). Telephone support is available in English or Spanish from Monday through Friday, but the specific hours for each of the department's divisions vary.

The 88Sears.com website allows employees to view their paychecks and work schedules, and to access and print payroll and benefits information. The Resources and Contacts menu offers workers a variety of information, including company email, employee discount policies and the workplace code of conduct.

Callers using the toll-free number are connected to a recording, which encourages them to update their direct deposit, pay card, pay and personal information, and W-4 information on the 88Sears.com website. Callers who wish to speak to a representative must follow the recording's instructions to be connected to the appropriate division.