What Is a Personal Skills Audit?

A personal skills audit is an inventory people take to assess the competencies and skills they have already, want to develop and will need in the future. The audit may use a scale from 0 to 5, with 0 showing complete lack of skill and 5 showing a mastered skill, or people may choose to rank the top 10 skills they have the highest mastery of or will need most in the future.

Some of the skills a personal skills audit may address include personal fitness, problem-solving, money management, mentoring of others, data management, construction, motivating others, manual dexterity, creativity, negotiation, mathematics, interpersonal relations or reading comprehension.

In addition to auditing a person’s personal skills, some companies do professional skills audits, which look at competencies needed to succeed in the workplace. Some of these may include the ability to do teamwork, focus on customers, following working procedures and use business software.