Why Is Personal Presentation Important?

Personal presentation is important because it can mean obtaining a bank loan, getting a job, a high tip or creating a good impression with new acquaintances. Quick judgments are common, and how a person looks and carries himself is a shortcut of sorts to forming impressions.

People make snap judgments instantly or in as few as two seconds, although the time frame for some people may be up to two minutes, according to About.com. Putting forth the best personal presentation possible helps the chances that such quick judgments are positive and lead to good outcomes. Job interviewing is one area in which candidates may not have another opportunity to make an impression, so personal presentation becomes even more critical. It also sets the tone for a class, meeting or relationship.

Personal presentation encompasses areas like physical fitness, hygiene, hair, clothing and deportment. Bad breath or heavy doses of body spray can turn off an interviewer, and a stain on clothing may suggest carelessness or a lack of observational skills. On the other hand, walking confidently, smiling and having well-groomed hair and clothes indicate a level of competence. Good personal presentation includes skills like eye contact, appropriate language and active listening.