What Personal Characteristics Define an Excellent Administrator?

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An excellent school administrator will be able to exhibit characteristics that include planning ahead, having responsibility for the students and teachers and being involved in the daily activities of the school or school district. A successful administrator will be able to effectively be involved in everything that is related to the school.

The biggest characteristic that is seen in administrators is the ability to naturally lead. They must be able to come up with ideas that people will accept and be willing to follow on a daily basis. Administrators should also be able to connect with people and must have a likable personality that works well with a variety of other personalities.

Administrators of schools have demanding jobs that involve a large time commitment. They must be able to provide their students as well as faculty with constant new ideas and engagement opportunities. They are required to come up with curriculum plans as well as daily operation opportunities. A good school administrator will not only be involved with the logistics of a school district but will also be present for the daily functions of the school. These administrators will be able to communicate comfortably with students as well as teachers.