How Do I Pay My Yamaha Credit Card?

Yamaha credit cards can be paid online through the Yamaha Motor Sports bill-payment portal or by mailing a check in the provided payment envelope. Yamaha credit cards are issued by Capital One, one of the country’s largest card issuers.

The Yamaha Motor Sports online bill-payment portal enables cardholders to make payments instantly with a debit card or by setting up a bank transfer. Customers can also access past and current account statements, recent transaction history logs and email alert setup tools. First-time visitors to the bill-payment portal can create an account instantly by inputting a valid Yamaha credit card account number and some personally identifying information from the primary cardholder. During the account set up process, cardholders can also opt to receive electronic account statements by email rather than postal mail.

The Yamaha credit card is a factory financing card, meaning that it can only be used to purchase products directly from Yamaha or from an approved Yamaha dealer. The card is not designed for making general purchases like a standard Visa, Mastercard or American Express card. As of 2014, the Yamaha Factory Financing credit card can be used to purchase Yamaha ATVs, street and off-road motorcycles, motorized scooters and snowmobiles, as well as parts, service work and Yamaha apparel.